About Us

About Us

Harvest Junction Village is a new community of 278 homes in the City of Longmont. Our last home was built in 2022. We enjoy beautiful views of the Rockies to the west, a long walking trail along Left Hand Creek, and are centrally located near the Longmont Recreation Center, parks, tennis courts, and shopping. We have frequent community-wide social events such as movies in the park, bike parades, BBQs, and chilli cookoffs, and we’re just getting started.

Our Homeowners Association


A mission statement defines our purpose, primary objectives, and answers the question: What does the HOA do?

Our mission is to be an active, hands-on Board that not only oversees the routine duties of the HOA with professional rigor but is also proactive in establishing, building, and supporting our community to be a place that people love to live. As such, our duties can be divided into two parts:

Part 1: Typical Duties of an HOA Board

  • Oversee the management company and business operations: corporate governance, financials & reserves, insurance, vendors / contractors, property maintenance, document retention, rules enforcement, communication, support, etc.
  • Maintain common areas: landscaping, irrigation, playground, and amenities.
  • Maintain and enforce regulations & architectural guidelines.
  • Carefully balance cost vs. benefit to provide the best value to homeowners: budgeting, HOA fees, and services provided.
  • Provide prompt review, feedback, and approvals on homeowner’s requests for improvements.

Part 2: Going Above and Beyond

  • Establish and promote committees and activities to support the community.
  • Plan annual HOA goals each year.
  • Proactively provide helpful tips and advice to homeowners on relevant topics.
  • Evaluate homeowner satisfaction with the management company, HOA, and community at-large (CSAT) for continual improvement.


Vision is what we aspire to be. It helps drive decisions, goals, and answers the question: What kind of community do we want to be?

Our vision is to create a beautiful community where people love to live and is a lifestyle match for the best of Longmont: safe, inclusive, friendly, supportive, fun, socially and environmentally responsible, and outdoor activities abound.


Values are our core beliefs and guiding principles that support our vision, shape our culture, and influence everything we do.

Upscale community Maintain high standards for a beautiful and well-kept neighborhood with pride of ownership.
Personal enjoyment Strive to make this a community where people love to live.
Embrace individuality & diversity Respect people’s right to uniqueness, equality, and diversity of ideas and cultures. We don’t always agree, but we are always respectful to each other
Carrot first, stick last The HOA exists to support the community. Resolve violations without fines when possible, with fines/penalties when necessary.
Balance consistency with individuality Make the community beautiful and esthetically consistent without being overly uniform or bland.
Be fair & consistent Avoid one-off exceptions as a crutch for arbitrary or undesirable guidelines. If a guideline is poorly written, then fix it.
Be a responsible community Responsibility takes many forms: fiscal, environmental, social, and safety to name a few.
A person’s home is their castle Strive for the maximum flexibility without compromising our other values
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