Neighborhood Improvements

Harvest Junction’s HOA board, NGLA neighborhood group, and landscape committee are working together to propose a multi-year master plan of neighborhood improvements. These projects will be led by community volunteers and funded through city and regional grants.

We’re in the early stages of planning, and updates will be posted here. To get involved, join our monthly neighborhood Zoom meetings on last Tuesday of each month. Current ideas and proposals include:

Part 1: Landscaping

  • Xeriscape street strips, walkthroughs, and other common areas that do not benefit from turf, to beautify the neighborhood while significantly reducing watering costs.
  • Replace dead or dying trees, in some cases strategically replacing trees with alternative native pollinator-friendly shade plants and shrubs.
  • Showcase plant species and info with signs, similiar to a botanical garden.

Part 2: Central Park

  • Build out our park to become a central hub for our community.
  • Install a public outdoor bulletin board, as a better alternative to taping signs to the sides of mailboxes.
  • Expand the playground with additional play equipment, such as for older kids.
  • Install a little free library for book sharing.
  • Build a decorative Trex-style platform with shade for gatherings, yoga, and other outdoor activities.
  • Upgrade to covered trash bins with recycling, and increase the number of bins.

Part 3: Lefthand Creek

  • Build outlot H (between Junction Drive and the Lefthand Creek walking path) into a usable space for the community to gather, do activities, and showcase waterwise landscaping.
  • Install park benches & picnic tables.
  • Plant a demonstration xeriscaping garden.
  • Install outdoor exercise activities along the walking trail.

The landscape committee is further interested in hosting special events, such as garden tours, gardening & pruning lessons/demonstrations, annual seed/plant swap, adopt a garden, and more.

Special thanks to Font Awesome, Icons8, Pexels, and Unsplash for their generous free licenses.